Downshire Hospital Ward 11 Refurbishment - Downpatrick
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Downshire Hospital Ward 11 Refurbishment - Downpatrick


Client Name: Southern Health and Social Care Trust

Project Details:

Full refurbishment of existing Ward 11 within Downshire Hospital Complex.  The works included complete internal strip out, new internal layout, new M&E package of works with gas boiler replacement, new aluminium doors and access controls, complete fitted furniture package and creation of Therapy Kitchen.  In the completed project we formed a new Day Care Centre and a new Physio Therapy Department, externally we formed a new pick up point for out-patients, new car parking created with construction of retaining wall on boundary off the site and new access ramps.  The new centre is call Ardarragh Resource Centre.

Location: Downshire Hospital, Downpatrick

Architect: Hall Black Douglas

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