Jordanstown Railway Station Park & Ride
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Jordanstown Railway Station Park & Ride




Overview of the Project:

Creation of a new Park & Ride facility on vacant grounds adjacent to a live railway line and beside Jordanstown Railway Station.  The works included the provision of 63 parking spaces, extending CCTV and lighting, access ramp to station platform, petrol interceptor, new walls and fencing.  Within the scope of works we removed the rear boundary hedges of 5 private dwelling and constructed a new brick faced retaining wall approx. 221m long.  Working at interfaces of the local residents, Jordanstown Bowling Club, live railway and passengers the project
was successfully completed on time. The project was registered with Considerate Constructors Scheme and scored 33/40.

Duration of project: 18 weeks


Jordanstown Railway Station

Design II Architects 

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